The ABA Freight Broker Training Topics

About the Industry
About the Market
Broker Occupation & Trends
Roles and Goals of Shippers, Carriers & Brokers
Management Control System
Credit Checks
Relationship Triangle
Competing with Large Companies
Technology for Small Brokers to be Competitive
Seoma Niche Market Decision Model
Successful Marketing & Advertising
Successful Cold-Calling Strategies
Selling Yourself to Shippers
Drop-in Selling Tactics
Negotiation Tactics that Work
Receiving & Dispatching
Shipper Documents
Carrier Finding & Relationships
Fuel Issues
Carrier Forecast
Rate Quote Research for High Yield
Drop Dead & JIT Rates
Blind Shipment Requests
Convenience Requests
Back Solicitation
Load Sheet Confidentiality
Carrier Documents
Shipment Problem Solving
Business Charter
Load Acquisition
Booking & Tracking
Record Keeping
Cash Flow
Credit & Collections
Invoicing Systems
Financial Management
Damage or Loss Claims
Insurance Claim Processing
SOP Model
Six “Weapons of Influence”
Business Conduct & Standards
Business Partners & Competitors
Compliance Elements
Niche Market Reassessment
Financial Plan for Growth
Regulatory Requirements
Broker & Agent Structure Options
Operating Capital Projections
Software Functions & Use
Essential Time Management

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Classes tend to sell out 3 weeks prior to start date. Class size is limited to 8 students. Your deposit is the only way we can hold your spot. Call to confirm availability before making any travel arrangements.

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Our Immersion Method of Training! 3-Day "Broker Workshop!" and hands-on 1 or 2-Day "Agent Experience!" working as a temporary Agent of a functioning Freight Brokerage. 

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America's leading freight broker school and freight agent training course

"The ABA teaching methods were great. I’d give it an A+. It was very educational and we really enjoyed it!  We checked out the other freight broker training schools and just had a better feeling about ABA. It pays to do your homework!" - P. Flores

 We just wanted to thank you again for everything you showed us… The time you spent with us on sales and marketing was eye opening. Also, watching you work when we went on those 2 sales meetings with you (and closed them both!) was invaluable. You guys are the masters and make it all look so easy that even us cavemen can do it. Greg and I can’t wait till next month when our own agency is ready to rock n roll."  - Collin G.

"Hey fellas. I spoke with two gentlemen this past week that went to different broker schools and they didn’t have anything good to say about em. I thought you might enjoy hearing that. Then of course I had to ramble on about how great you fellas are and how good we’ve been doing. So I expect they’ll be calling you pretty soon."  – C. T.  “Keep your wheels on the road and your goals in the sky.”

"It was well worth the money and exactly what we needed! Everything was great, really fun, really hands-on and informative. You got us on the phones in 2 days. This gave us the confidence to get started as agents. No one should look at any freight broker school other than ABA. " - Kim & Yanina

 "It is a great program, absolutely the best experience I've had. The instructors were amazing, they focus on all aspects of the business...and the tips from the instructors were just unbelievable. " V. Vakulskiy

"The American Broker Academy, in every aspect is world class . Everyone we dealt with was a professional. We were treated like royalty and the accommodations and meals were memorable. The classroom and equipment is impressive. The instruction is relevant and anything but boring. The written materials are informative and useful for reference in the real world. Our instructors were personable and most importantly taught us from their experience. We were impressed with the quality of the instruction and training and the hands-on approach, which included participating in sales calls, booking and posting loads, confirming load assignments with carriers, and processing the paperwork. The webinars were quite informative and gave us a 'heads up', 'hands on', and 'head start', with useful internet tools like the LoadPilot freight broker business software. " David & Lois George

"I highly recommend the American Broker Academy. They did a superb job explaining all aspects of the business. And with all of their knowledge and training I feel that we are going to save a lot of valuable time by making more of the right decisions while starting our freight broker business. Being taught in an actual freight brokering office was a great experience. We could see just how the day to day operations actually take place. " Rich Marias -  VP of Operations, Advanced Service Solutions, Inc.

"Thank you again for your freight broker training school and support! FMCSA came through with our license. It only took them 2 weeks. So, we are off and running. I made some more sales calls today - three new prospects and two of them promising to do business with us...(since our ABA freight broker training) our sales ratio is running at about 80% of face to face cold calls! We are really excited! " Regards,  David & Lois

Why ABA is the top freight broker training school in the country

The American Broker Academy was developed in response to the misleading, low-quality, old-school, high-priced freight broker schools out there who are leaving students confused and ill-prepared to be successful in this exciting, fast-paced, ever changing field.  ABA decided to open its doors to the public to attend their freight broker training school. ABA only teaches it's proven and highly successful, freight broker training school methods. Training is available to you through seminars, classes, personal training and traveling workshops.

If starting your own brokerage isn't your cup of tea, then becoming an agent might be right for you. Agents typically work from home and your ABA certification will go a long way in helping you secure a position with a reputable brokerage.

ABA students return home highly motivated and ready go as a broker or agent. They're confident in their newly developed skills to become successful in their own freight broker business and hit the ground running. The ABA's freight broker training school also provides its freight agent training for other brokerages. And ABA offers a great course for seasoned professionals looking to pick up some new techniques and methods in all aspects of the broker business. Professionals of all levels will find ABA freight brokering classes and freight broker training beneficial when taking their transportation business to new levels of profitability.

LEARN BY DOING! There are other freight broker schools out there offering several day courses, but none with the quality of training in high-tech, hands-on techniques of ABA. No other school gives you the no-nonsense, real-life experience of ABA's freight broker school. You learn the latest techniques from some of the best in the industry.

No other school stands behind their graduates like the ABA freight brokering school. After graduating, ABA stands with you throughout every phase of your business. The ABA school encourages you to keep in touch so they can help you stay on track and answer any questions you might have along the way. 

Past ABA students who would like a refresher course may return and take any of the classes again at no cost. Once in a while we can all use a little extra training to stay at the top of our game. And ABA freight broker training school is in a league of its own.